Survival of the fittest is the phrase that has been originated from the Darwinian theory of evolution. And is also the way of surviving during this period. Be it health-wise or profession-wise. Thomas Henry Huxley was a famous biologist and anthropologist who once quoted “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” He was awarded the Darwin Medal and was famously known as “Darwin’s Bulldog”.The main thing that has to be noted about Thomas H Huxley was he was self-taught, he hardly went to school during his growing years. Yet he was one of the greatest autodidacts of his times.

We often tend to invest our learning time into the curriculum of our school or colleges and never try to know or if I may put it in a way, never invest our time about the trivial things around us. You may also call those trivial things – general awareness. And we very well know the weightage general awareness hold in expanding an individual’s horizon. Another thing that is prevalent is professionals questioning knowledge outside your field. Often when an individual wants to change the field he is made to believe that in the former years he wasted time, resources, and potential on something they were never interested in. You will always see, an engineer trying to change his field is often questioned. But as per my thinking what is wrong if someone wants to know more.

Learning is a beautiful process. It can be either about some complicated theory or about the tiniest quote. It helps one expand the thinking and helps in having an opinion. Not just the opinion but a logical opinion. Learning is not just the textbooks, certifications, or researches. It is about anything that interests you even if it does not add to your resume. It does add to your personal knowledge. Very famous Bruce Lee once said, ” A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer”. One can learn from any incident be it big or small. It is up to you how you judge that situation and what you bring to your plate from it.

We all are in the middle of a pandemic. It is the best time to be an autodidact. Try to learn about the city you were working in. Or even the brand you wear, for sure you will learn something about it and you will know many more things out of it. Or try to know how the Indian constitution works or maybe the ongoing elections and history behind every state. This will surely not be of any professional use but little things like these pileup and help you develop the way you think. Learning is never small or big, it is just learning. Next time when you mindlessly scroll your social media feed, instead try to google anything under the sky that you are not aware of or try to listen to some podcasts. This is the best time to be self-aware and to be self-taught.

At last, it is also not the time to pressurize oneself to learn but just when you are free and when comfortable. It is not about being better than anyone else but about engaging oneself in self-growth. And growth looks different on different individuals. Next time when that news application’s notification pops up on your screen, instead of clearing it just mindlessly go through it. It will surely help you a tiny bit. Have a Happy Learning!.

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Equinox, the word is derived from Latin aequinoctium, from aequus (equal) and nox (night). On the day of an equinox, daytime and nighttime are of approximately equal duration all over the planet. It is the instant of time when the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the geographic center of the Sun’s disk. In the other words, it is the moment at which the center of the visible Sun is directly above the equator. This occurs twice each year, around 20th March and 23rd September, marking the beginning of spring and autumn season respectively. These are also known as Spring or Vernal Equinox (MARCH) and Autumnal Equinox (SEPTEMBER). For the year 2020, the Autumnal Equinox was on 22nd September marking the beginning of Fall or Autumn season. While the Spring Equinox is considered all about warmth, light, birth etc. marking the beginning of everything new and jolly, Autumn Equinox is related to darkness, evil and death. Instead the Fall Equinox also has few things to be learned from and celebrated for! For all the GOT fans, this is that “Winter Is Coming” time of the year.

Mabon is another name for the Fall Equinox. Rituals about the balance between light and dark, and giving thanks for blessed harvest are often performed on Mabon. It is said that the Fall is all about the darkness as we see the days becoming shorter meaning less daylight and the nights are longer and cold. It is believed that winters bring the darkness. But if we contemplate and try to find some goodness in the darkness, facing it and overcoming it, then it for sure teaches us that the ones who seeks light must first face the darkness within themselves. The process of going towards light from darkness is exactly like our mother nature, after every fall there is spring that follows it. Therefore, this time of the year symbolises more on overcoming the darkness inside yourself by facing it rather associating it to the gloomy and darkness it spreads around everywhere. This is the time of year for the preparation and reflection rather a time of the year where darkness takes over both literally and figuratively. It is always taught and thought of that the dark is the bad and the light is the good. But it is the dark or bad that helps one understand the importance of light or good. Imagine the exams have no concept of failing and passing. How will you know the joy of cracking an exam which helps you to be a step closer to your dream job. So the darkness is equally important. Instead of quelling the bad or the darkness inside yourself try to acknowledge it and improve it. The darkness need not be something big or bad. Just something that you have in your nature and which is hampering your growth. For instance, it could be your temper issue or your habit of procastinating everything or the negative thoughts. All and everything that forces you to doubt yourself. Pick that one thing and acknowledge it and then work on it. Acknowledge the fact that you lack in so and so thing, accept it. Accepting your flaws is the first step towards personal growth. Accept it and plan on how to work on it. Prepare yourself to overcome it. And then the Spring will arrive! You got to acknowledge the dark and accept it to appreciate the light and the joy it comes with later.

This is the time of the year where we need to fight the spooky pumpkin monsters we hid inside ourselves and be thankful of all the blessings and goodness we have. Embrace the good we have and acknowledge the bad and try to work on it accordingly. Treating the darkness or bad as something with little less good in it, can help you mentally and will give you more power to overcome the ramifications it cause. It is has been rightly said by Albert Camus, a famous Nobel Prize winner in Literature “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. Similarly, looking into our darkness as something which requires a little help to mend things that goes wrong because of this darkness will surely take you forward in life. A mentality like this also helps in dealing the failure, the setbacks more efficiently. It helps with positive mindset and gives the positivity. So, regardless of the traditions associated with winter and darkness, we should learn to accept the condition and try to help ourselves out of darkness and move from our personal “Winter” towards our personal “Spring”.

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Et tu, Brute? I am sure most of us are familiar with this phrase and if not, one thing that we remember about our english lesson was “Julius Caesar”. Julius Caesar was the great uncle of the majestic Roman emperor , Gaius Julius Caesar, famously known as Augustus. Augustus was known for winning every single fight he had in any battle he fought. He was known for restoring peace and prosperity to the Roman state and changed nearly every aspect of Roman life. Month August was named to honor this Roman emperor. It was earlier known as “Sextilis” as it was then the sixth month but in the Julian calendar it was made August, the eight month as January and February was also added to the calendar. August is the February equivalent in terms of seasonal changes in the Southern hemisphere. In many European countries, August is full of holidays and most celebrated month. Numerous religious holidays occurred during August in ancient Rome. If you notice, we are almost in the last week of August 2020 and we also had many festivals this month. Festivals play an important role to add structure to our lives. Every festival has some significance and every festival teaches us something. Let us talk about some of the festivals we had this month and how can we just pick one thing from these and upgrade our lives. As it takes only one small good quality from your environment to bring a good change/upgrade in yourselves .

In the first week of August we had Friendship day. Friends are our chosen family. You just need one good friend in your life. A friend can be your human diary, can be someone who can be brutally honest with you and always and always your cheer leader. Think of that one person and imagine your life without them. It will be hard, in fact it will be unimaginable. During this covid times, make sure you keep a check on your friends, even with the ones you have lost contact with. We have been so involved and busy in our own lives that we are forgetting our friends. The little joy we used to have in our older days. Little effort will make both of your day. Not just during covid times but always we should at least try to catch up with one of our friend through text or call or in any way. It will make your bond stronger and both of you can share your joys and problems.Discussing that will give you a little clarity. Sometimes just by sharing your problem , you get the solution. So share, that is what friends are for. Only they can give you, your reality check as they know a lot about you. That little reality check can help you change your life in whichever way you want. This will certainly make you happier and you will feel better. And maybe it will help you in personal growing process as with friends you can talk about anything under the sky. Friends are the little monsters in your life who always have your back. Value them and thank them!

Next we celebrated Independence day. It surely marks the freedom from British rule and is the very important day in the history of India. Generalising the Independence day, it is about the freedom. It has taught every nation and people about the importance of freedom and how we take things for granted. For example, before corona times we were allowed to do a lot of things that we cannot do now. One such example is the ease and joy that we got in travelling. But now that there has been restrictions on it, we realise how good those times were. Even if you had one bad experience in your trip, you still were able to roam free. We take a lot of things in life for granted because we have freedom. But when there is some restrictions on that minute thing, we tend to miss that. So, one thing we can take from Independence day is to never take anything for granted and be thankful of everything you have. I have seen people talking about their monotonous job and then being ungrateful about that job. But during covid, all of us somewhere deep down were scared of the job losses or salary cut. And some of us might have even lost the job and with that comes the restriction in our lifestyle. With no money getting deposited monthly in your account you cannot think of just randomly ordering that Mcd meal. And now, everything counts, even the not so “big deal” of ordering a meal from Mcd. Man realises the importance of little things in life only after losing it. So we should try to be always grateful!

Next we had Michhami Dukkadam or Uttam Kshama. It is celebrated by Jains in our country. In which they ask for forgiveness from everyone for the deeds that they did wrong knowingly or unknowingly. The one thing that we can take from Uttam kshama is forgiveness. We all are so busy and so into the race of being first and working so hard to achieve our goals that we surely have done something wrong with someone, knowingly or unknowingly. But it always require a great strength in asking for forgiveness. Most of the relationships fail because of someone either not forgiving or someone not asking for forgiveness. If we think of our past most of our issues would have been easily sorted if one of us would have asked for forgiving and trying to make things work. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong, is one of the famous teaching of Mahatama Gandhi. We will all be in a better peace of mind and state in our relationship if we can easily forgive each other. Try to ignore the little issues you have from someone that irritate you and try to forgive that, you will yourself feel the goodness. You will see the life will be much simple , easy and full of joy!

There were many more festivals we celebrated but I picked these. You can think of any festival you celebrated and just think of one thing you can adopt from that and adapt it in your life.

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